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I know many of you see my invitations for my monthly challenge groups and think to yourself that your issues with your health and weight go deeper than just committing to an exercise program or meal plan. In fact, exercise might not even be something you can do at this point in your life. It might be instead that the answer to your health obstacles does not start with a dumbbell.. it might start with changing your… MIND!

Your mind can make or break you in every area of your life. It is the thing that gets you going in the morning, helps you excel at your job, helps you deal with your everyday relationships and navigate through problems. But, it can also be your worst enemy. The thing that tells you aren’t “good enough,” “won’t ever succeed,” and “you should just eat everything in sight because what difference does it make it anyway.” It can tell you constant lies about your ability to find change in your life. And, it’s the one thing you cannot escape.

Maybe you know what you should be doing as far as your nutrition, but you consider yourself an “emotional eater” and cannot get a handle on it. Or, maybe you just don’t have the first clue what a healthy diet even looks like. Either way, my company has created a revolutionary program called 2B Mindset that  focuses first on why you are making the food choices you make, and what triggers make it hard to lose weight. Now, wait a minute! Don’t get me wrong! The 2B Mindset can ABSOLUTELY help you lose weight without feeling deprived, counting calories, cutting entire food groups, and even without exercise if you aren’t ready for that. Take a look at this overview of the program:

2B Mindset faces head on the leading cause of weight loss issues and weight management — our relationship with food! Of course exercise is essential for a functional life, but good health truly starts in the kitchen.  The 2B Mindset solution is created by someone who has actually been there and lost over 100 lbs herself using this method. Ilana Muhlstein is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist — the highest standard in the field of nutrition — and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Maryland. (You know I loved her immediately because she is a TERP!) Illana, along with a private success group run by me, will personally help you shift your mindset, helping you to create a positive, healthy weight loss. Ilana’s system is a healthy approach to eating that lets you feel full and satisfied, while arming you with proven strategies that will help you co-exist with food in real-world situations, satisfy cravings, and anticipate setbacks before they happen. This is the key to winning the weight loss struggle!

Here is a little more on Ilana:

This program is simple to follow. You will learn strategies to help you consume more water, prepare and eat wholesome foods and actually enjoy them, and we will shatter the myth that the bathroom scale is your enemy. In fact, you’ll end up loving the scale, because it will become a powerful weight loss tool. Once you take ownership of the program and its principles, it’s yours for life.

One of the first questions I’ve gotten from my existing client base about this program is how Shakeology is integrated into 2B Mindset. Ilana is a huge fan of Shakeology! Because of its high-protein content (17 g), Shakeology can count as the protein for any 2B Mindset meal. One of Ilana’s primary tips for weight loss is for people to have a consistent breakfast. And since Shakeology is easy and quick to make—and tastes great—she chooses it as part of her consistent breakfast every morning. Since it’s a protein, it can also work as part of your lunch, snack, or dinner so it integrates perfectly into every day, and the best news is you get to decide when! And she has so many great ways to enjoy it and make it even more satisfying.

The next question is whether exercise can be incorporated. Absolutely! As I said before the 2B Mindset does not require exercise, but it’s encouraged and it’s considered “extra credit.” Yes, the program focuses on nutrition and weight loss through the foods we eat. But, once you start seeing some real progress with your weight loss, you are inevitably going to want to move in your new and improved body!

So, are you ready to say goodbye, once and for all, to emotional eating, mindless snacking, punishing yourself for indulging on foods you love? If so, 2B Mindset is the answer. Let’s change our MINDS together. I am thrilled to be able to offer this brand new program that is 100% focused on changing your relationship with food. Whether people have 150 lbs to lose or 5 lbs, this program is going to change lives. Beginning May 7th, I will be launching The Mind Shift Success Group on Facebook (secret, completely private group) and I want YOU to be a part of it. With this program and the help of me, your dedicated Team Beachbody Coach, we will master the 2B Mindset! The time is NOW to take control of your life and your MIND! For more information, fill out this form!

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Written by Jaime Fox