One of my favorite meals on Earth is P.F. Chang’s Mongolian Beef. I am drooling just thinking about it. In fact, I feel a date night coming on. But until then, I found a copycat recipe on Once a Month Meals that made my heart sing! And, bonus points that it is Paleo and a much cleaner recipe than many of the others that call for brown sugar.

While visiting my bestie, Kelley, we whipped this up together. It was a perfect dish to enjoy, especially for her daughter who has food sensitivities. I brought my Instant Pot along with me on my visit, so we had twins! What fun! And, yes, it did make me want to buy another.

Check out the recipe here for the ingredients and directions for this dish.

First, we sliced the flank steak against the grain.


Next, we tossed it in arrowroot flour.



We mixed up the ingredients which would make up the sauce.



What is a dish if it doesn’t include minced garlic?


Kelley grated the carrots and chopped the green onions.



All of it goes in the Pot!


Meat goes in last before putting on the lid.


Manual High pressure for 35 minutes!


Meanwhile, a google search led me to the perfect white rice recipe on Dad Cooks Dinner.


Look at our twins! Aren’t they cute?


The rice cooked perfectly for the dish. We purposely didn’t rinse it so it would be sticky.


Here is the finished product! Two moms, one dad, and two teens all gave it two thumbs up!


If you try this recipe, let me know in the comments how it turns out!

xo Jaime

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Written by Jaime Fox