Y’all. I ate squash for breakfast. Who am I? What have I become? Enlightened, that’s what.

If you’ve been following me, you know that I have cut grains from my diet and stuck to a Paleo(ish) meal plan for the last few months. I do this on and off throughout the year. The main reason is due to my husband’s struggle with Ulcerative Colitis. When we adapt his nutrition plan, mine follows suite. We are not strict text-book Paleo. We eat cheese and yogurt very frequently. And lots of meat and eggs.

And I can’t take it anymore. Not only am I sick of eating meat, I’m also sick of handling it. I noticed within the last year that it was really starting to gross me out to handle meat, especially chicken. By the time we sat down to eat, I would sometimes lose my appetite.

Recently, my friend started experimenting with Whole Food Plant Based nutrition and really peaked my interest. The recipes she was posting were very intriguing and made eating vegetables look a lot more palatable for this non-loving veggie girl. So, we are doing an experiment here at our house to see how the husband does with cutting back on meat. I prepped a week of vegan dinners using a free meal plan from Clean Food Dirty Girl. We are also incorporating SOME whole grains, and eating legumes and beans. My thinking is that although the simplicity of Paleo has been good for him in that he eats the same things daily, he surely can’t be benefitting from trying to digest (and eliminate) all that meat. It’s probably just sitting in his gut in massive quantities.

So, let’s see how this goes! And, let’s eat squash for breakfast!


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Modern Day Fox Butternut Squash Breakfast Porridge (Vegan - Grain-free)
A great alternative to traditional oatmeal if you are cutting grains and seeking ways to get more plant-based meals into your diet. This is filling and healthy, and a great way to start your day!
Course Breakfast
Course Breakfast
  1. Soak one cup raw nuts overnight.
  2. Peel, chop and cube two cups butternut squash and two small apples. *TIP* If you microwave your squash before peeling for about 4 minutes, you will save yourself a lot of blisters and curse words!
  3. If you plan to use a date, drop it in hot water for ten minutes while you complete the next steps.
  4. Drain your soaked nuts and rinse them. Add to high powered blended and create a grainy nut flour.
  5. Add squash, apples and nut flour to inner liner pot.
  6. Add one tsp cinnamon.
  7. Add two TBSP coconut sugar. Maple syrup works as a sub or brown sugar if you aren’t concerned about highly processed sugar.
  8. Drain, pit and chop the date and add it to the pot. Raisins work too!
  9. Add one cup canned coconut milk (shake can well before opening).
  10. Add 1/4 cup almond milk.
  11. Add a pinch of salt.
  12. Stir well and put pot into IP.
  13. Replace lid and set valve to sealing.
  14. Set pot for 20 min high pressure and use a quick release.
  15. Remove lid and stir, breaking up chunks of squash and apples until the consistency is more like oatmeal.
  16. Serve in a bowl and add desired topping like coconut, raisins or nuts.
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Written by Jaime Fox