There is something about making my own chicken broth that makes me feel like I’m the next Pioneer Woman. It is a wonderful feeling to take an extra step after cooking a whole chicken in my Instant Pot and make something that will not only save me money, but continue to nourish my family after the chicken meat is gone. Ok,ok. I’ll stop getting sentimental over chicken broth. But, you know what I mean. In this day and age, it feels good to be resourceful instead of always leaning on convenience.

I get asked quite often how to make chicken broth in the Instant Pot so tonight I documented the preparation. My photos are not glamorous. Let’s face it – chicken carcass is not glamorous. Even still, I hope you will find these step by step iPhone photos helpful if you want to take a shot at making your own broth.

Instant Pot Chicken Broth

This recipe yields roughly 13 cups of broth, just over 3L.

Step One: Place chicken carcass into liner pot. Make you’ve removed as much meat and fat as possible from the bones. You will see in this photo that my carcass is sitting in broth. This is the broth that settled at the bottom of the pot while I cooked my whole chicken. No reason to waste that broth! I simply added to it.

Step Two: Add vegetable trimmings such as celery, carrots, and onion. I added a heavy dash of salt and pepper for my seasonings. You may opt to also add garlic powder or onion powder (or other seasonings) as well. I also like to add a bay leaf. Seasonings are completely optional but add to the flavor of your broth. If you are sensitive to sodium, then by all means leave salt out.


Step Three: Fill pot with water to 3.5L Mark.


Step Four: Set Instant Pot to 120 Min High Pressure and turn valve to sealing. You may let the steam release naturally or use a quick release.


Step Five: The broth will be scalding hot. Allow to cool for a bit before handling your pot.


Step Six: Place a colander over a large bowl or stock pot inside your sink. It tends to splatter so I like to keep it in the sink to reduce mess.


Step Seven: Strain broth through colander into large bowl or stock pot.


Step Eight: I recommend double bagging the carcass and trimmings and tying it tight before discarding. 


Step Nine: Pour broth into a plastic storage container with a tight seal, or mason jars, and refrigerate. You may also opt to put into smaller containers and freeze for up to 3 months.



Use this broth for any number of dishes in your Instant Pot. The Instant Pot requires some liquid to come to pressure so I like to keep this broth on hand for that purpose, and I also use it to make wonderful soups like my Better Than Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup or my Tortilla Dump Soup!

xo Jaime

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Written by Jaime Fox