I have played it safe in some areas of my life for longer than I would like to admit. I expend a lot of energy trying to make sure I am not too much or too little. For too long, I have shown up for my business just enough to get the job done. I have feared rocking the boat and letting everyone see that I don’t fully know how to operate it. For some reason, I have lived with this underlying thought that I have to “make it” before I can show up as a “real” leader.

The crazy thing is that I hustle HARD and although most of the time it takes longer than I want, I somehow find a way to achieve my goals. So, the question then becomes, when do I decide “I’ve made it?” Is there even such a thing? I can always do more. What the heck am I waiting for? When do I give myself permission to stop playing it safe, break through the limiting beliefs holding me back, and rock the damn boat?

I can’t be alone here.

When do any of us decide that we are worthy and capable RIGHT NOW? When do we admit that our limiting beliefs are fears disguised as excuses?

How about we realize we would not be where we are at this moment if we weren’t smart and full of potential? It’s not an accident when we succeed. It’s not luck. It’s our hustle. It’s our sacrifice. It’s our personality. It’s our capability and our tenacity.

Let’s stop – and I’m talking to myself the most here- let’s stop holding ourselves back by using the excuses (aka fears) that we haven’t “made it” or that we have to be at a certain level before we can respected. If we want respect, we should try respecting ourselves enough to know that we didn’t get where we are by accident.

Let’s start rocking the boat! Sink or swim, baby. Are you with me?

Now, until to a product that I love! Occasionally on Modern Day Fox, I share things that I love in hopes it helps my readers find really cool products they have never considered. These are not sponsored posts unless I specifically say that.

Last week I tried Kiss imPress press on nails! I put them on a Tuesday night and they lasted until Monday evening with only one nail popping off. I easily put that one back on with nail glue. I got them wet several times doing dishes and showering and they stayed on great. I read some tips that said to really buff and clean your nails first and trim them as short as possible. It also said to press each one down hard for a full 30 seconds. These tips worked and were important. When I went to put on the second set in the package, I got excited and forgot to buff my nails with the file. As a result, I had about four pop off over the next day or so and need to be glued back on. Won’t make that mistake again!

Kiss imPress nails look great and the kit came with 30 nails for only $5.95 at Walmart! Yes, that’s right! $5.95 for around three weeks of beautiful nails. I also recommend grabbing a tube of nail glue to keep on hand just in case some pop off.

Here’s a photo of my second set:

That’s all I got today, folks! I’ll leave you with this… Rock the boat and do it with pretty nails!!



Written by Jaime Fox